Release of Liability

Release of Liability

This release of liability is entered into by 413 Fitness and its employees and agents, hereinafter referred to as “Trainer” and __________________, hereinafter referred to as “Releaser”.

WHEREAS, Releaser desires to utilize the services of Trainer and designing/directing an exercise program and WHEREAS, Releaser understands that there are risks involved in such exercise program or activity, and being aware of such risks, is willing to release Trainer from any and all responsibility for injury or death resulting from these activities.

NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the mutual covenants and consideration herein given, the parties hereto agree as follows:

The Releaser has been advised that there are inherent risks, including serious injury or death which may result from any exercise activity. Further, the Releaser has been advised and understands that he/she should obtain a physical examination and/or receive his/her physician’s approval to exercise prior to beginning any exercise program or activity.

  1. In consideration of the Releaser’s release of liability given herein, Trainer agrees to direct and/or assist Releaser in his/her exercise program or activity.
  2. In consideration of the Trainer’s assistance, and understanding of the risks involved, Releaser expressly hereby releases Trainer from any liability for injuries, death, or damages to Releaser, without limitation, resulting from arising out of the result of any exercise program or activity which Trainer directs, assists, consults, or monitors Releaser.
  3. Releaser further expressly agrees that any and all exercise activity in which he/she engages is done at his/her own risk.
  4. Releaser’s release of liability given herein shall be binding upon Releaser’s heir, executors, or administrators.

In addition to the agreement above, the Releaser also agrees to the following:

That the Releaser is physically sound and is suffering from no condition, impairment, disease, or other illness that would to his/her knowledge prevent participation in an exercise program.

In the event that the Releaser has need to cancel a session with the trainer due to illness, or any other situation, the Release agrees to pay in full the session amount to the Trainer if the Releaser fails to notify the Trainer within 24 hours advance.