Individual Attention

One-on-one private training is often a good fit for two kinds of people. The first being people that are new to fitness , or when working around recent surgeries or major injuries. The goal for most is to eventually transition to semi-private training where the same kind of training is offered, but in a small group at a cost efficient price. 


Small Groups

Semi-private training is our bread and butter at 413 Fitness and what most people utilize. In this 45-60 min session, you will work with a small group of people (2-6) through a programmed workout by one of our trainers to help with technique and form correction. 

Monthly Package Options

Limited Assistance $149

This is a great starting point for those that are just wanting to get a little extra help. With this, you get four (4) workouts in the first three weeks of the month.

Unlimited Access $249

Our best value by far! This package includes access to one semi-private training session, or group class everyday, for the first three weeks of the month. In addition, you will have key code access for 24 hour access to the facility for workouts on your own during the weekends and through the last week of the month.

1xWeek $275

2xWeek $500

3xWeek $750