Nutrition Foundations

Nutrition Foundations

When you start working out you don’t head straight for a barbell and get to work on some snatches. When you decide to run a marathon you don’t go from 0 to 26 miles overnight. The first time you ride a bike you don’t jump on one with no training wheels. Moral of the story, you need to lay a foundation, master the basics and progress from there with ANYTHING you do. 

So why is nutrition any different? Why do we think that overnight we are going to overhaul our entire diet and be successful with it? We think that it’s possible to go from eating like an unsupervised child at a birthday party to eating like a professional athlete that has a nutritionist and a meal prep service at their disposal. That is absurd and in case you’ve never been on the vicious cycle of on again off again diets, I’ll give you a disclaimer; it does NOT work like that. 

We must tackle our nutritional habits just as we would anything else. By laying the foundation, mastering the basics, and progressing from there. The basics are things that nobody wants to take the time to do. Learn how to eat mindfully and stopping when you’re 80% full. Learning to be properly hydrated. Learning how to incorporate whole foods and adequate protein. And controlling your emotional eating. Once you’ve mastered these skills and do them consistently, then you can move onto to more complicated tasks. For example, counting macros (IF that is something necessary to achieve your goals).

Stop with the trendy diets. Stop trying to completely transform your nutrition overnight. Stop the restricting and binging cycle. Stop trying to find the “easy” way to lose weight and get healthy. Be okay with making small, consistent changes. Be okay with taking the time to lay the foundation, master the basics, and progress from there.

And as always, if you need help with this, hire a coach! Invest in something that will change your life!

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