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Semi-private Training – And Why It’s For YOU!

So you’ve tried the $9.99/month membership to the big box gym. You were ready to CRUSH your goals. You were consistent for about two weeks, you even had the willpower to walk by the pizza that the GYM provided for you (what?…) You hopped on the elliptical several times a week and tried a couple … Continue reading “Semi-private Training – And Why It’s For YOU!”

Awe heck…. We’re talking about the scale

The tool created to weigh an object and provide a measurement of mass. That is the sole purpose of a scale. So why, OH WHY, does the scale get treated like it holds more power than a genie lamp? The scale has the ability to determine if today is going to be a good day … Continue reading “Awe heck…. We’re talking about the scale”

I’m Just Not Motivated

“I’m just not motivated” is probably one of the most common phrases we hear as personal trainers. There is this myth that we should always feel motivated, and if we aren’t feeling “motivated” that it’s an adequate excuse to not do something. I’m here to tell you that motivation isn’t the key to success in … Continue reading “I’m Just Not Motivated”

Strength Training For The Endurance Athlete

“Train to survive the training” At 413 Fitness, our endurance athletes train to become stronger, yes; but, really our main objective is to simply make it to the starting line. It’s been reported that anywhere from 60 to 80 percent of people training for an Ironman will face an overuse injury each season, depending on … Continue reading “Strength Training For The Endurance Athlete”

Hydrate Like Your Life Depends On It

If you know one thing about me, it’s probably that I own a fitness facility. If you know a second thing about me, it is that I carry a jug of water with me all the time (well…enough to adequately hydrated on a consistent basis). To some people, it looks ridiculous. My dad can’t stand … Continue reading “Hydrate Like Your Life Depends On It”