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Inhale. Exhale. You Are Here.

We all enter the gym doors with baggage. Maybe it was a day full of meetings, tough decisions, and not so pleasant conversations. Maybe you got stuck in traffic on the way to your session, because we all know what a joy Grantline Road is. Maybe you’re flying in on 2 wheels to leap out … Continue reading “Inhale. Exhale. You Are Here.”

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Nobody brags about being a bad gift giver. Here’s our 2019 guide to have your fitness junkies grinning from ear to ear all year long! 1. Shoes – because everybody wants to look good while exercising, duh! Don’t be that guy wearing a pair of running shoes while deadlifting. It ain’t pretty. There are two … Continue reading “2019 Holiday Gift Guide”

Stop Wishing. Start Working.

How often have you set some goals for yourself and then not achieved them? I can’t even keep track of the times I have done this. It’s so exciting to think about all the things you want to do and how cool it would be to achieve them. However, we don’t actually work for these … Continue reading “Stop Wishing. Start Working.”

I Can’t Run

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“Change the word can’t to won’t. This will eliminate self limiting beliefs.” Ben Bergeron Margaret brought us the quote of the week from the Ben Bergeron podcast: Chasing Excellence. In listening to podcast #96 Bergeron says, “People say they cannot run a marathon, but there are literally people out there with no legs running marathons.” … Continue reading “I Can’t Run”

Setting Yourself Up For Success

We can all use a little bit more positive momentum in our lives. Whether you are looking to just lose 10 pounds, or complete a full ironman, here are some simple tips on making the good decisions easy! 1. Always be ready! Pack a bag of clothes and keep it in your car. “The best … Continue reading “Setting Yourself Up For Success”

Growth Happens Outside Your Comfort Zone

I can’t swim. I am a grown woman that sinks like a rock, or else I flail my arms and legs in an attempt to doggy paddle. I call it swimming; however, most would disagree. Despite that, I committed to a Sprint Triathlon next spring. The first leg of a triathlon is….swimming. I now have … Continue reading “Growth Happens Outside Your Comfort Zone”