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Learn To + And – First

Learn the basics; then, master the basics! Margaret Bramer Here are some of the most asked questions I get as a personal trainer/nutrition coach… -Should I do keto?  -Will I lose more weight if I do intermittent fasting?  -Should I track my macros?  – I watched a Netflix documentary that said I should be vegan. … Continue reading “Learn To + And – First”

Strength in Numbers

At 413 we have an incredible community. Walk in the door for just a few seconds and you’re quick to be greeted by smiling faces, ready to help you through your dynamic flexibility and partner up with you through any workout. Finishing with high fives all around and probably even a text or FB post … Continue reading “Strength in Numbers”

Performance vs Aesthetics

This week we want to discuss how having different goals in the gym will look different in regards to nutrition. We decided that asking Sam a few questions on the topic would be good considering she is currently shifting her goals from aesthetics and body composition changes to performance as she is training for a … Continue reading “Performance vs Aesthetics”

Twas The Weekend Before Christmas

Twas the weekend before Christmas And all through the house Our bank accounts were empty Can’t even feed a mouse Buying happiness can be pricey As my little boy is feisty The Amazon boxes are on their way We are freaking out, because of the delay I am all out of rhymes so it’s time … Continue reading “Twas The Weekend Before Christmas”

Inhale. Exhale. You Are Here.

We all enter the gym doors with baggage. Maybe it was a day full of meetings, tough decisions, and not so pleasant conversations. Maybe you got stuck in traffic on the way to your session, because we all know what a joy Grantline Road is. Maybe you’re flying in on 2 wheels to leap out … Continue reading “Inhale. Exhale. You Are Here.”

2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Nobody brags about being a bad gift giver. Here’s our 2019 guide to have your fitness junkies grinning from ear to ear all year long! 1. Shoes – because everybody wants to look good while exercising, duh! Don’t be that guy wearing a pair of running shoes while deadlifting. It ain’t pretty. There are two … Continue reading “2019 Holiday Gift Guide”