All Packages are no contracts

All memberships are month-to-month with NO CONTRACTS! To get started, schedule a free Success Session to see how we can help you!


This program is a series of four (4) 1on1 workouts with a trainer to teach you all the “foundations” of training at 413 Fitness to develop sustainable habits to provide the best results. This is a required course before transitioning to group classes or semi-private sessions.

Large group classes

Large group classes are circuit style training lead by an instructor, with a majority of body weight exercises. Classes are capped at 20 people and all classes last for 45-60 minutes.

*This is paired with guidance from our Precision Nutrition certified coach.

Unlimited Access

Our unlimited access provides the most opportunities for consistency with 45+ sessions available every week. This is by far our most popular membership because it includes all group classes, semi-private sessions, and 24/7 keycard access.

In semi-private sessions, you will work with a small group of people (2-6) through a programmed workout by one of our trainers. You can expect to focus on strength based exercises with lots of personal attention directed to exercise guidance and progressions of each movement to match your ability.

*This is paired with guidance from our Precision Nutrition certified coach.

Private Sessions

One-on-one private training is often a good fit for various kinds of people. Whether it be people that are new to fitness, or for those working around recent surgeries / major injuries. The goal is to eventually transition to semi-private training, once you are comfotable.

*Sessions last for forty-five minutes to an hour.

Skill Sessions

These are 30min 1on1 sessions aimed directly towards helping you check off your Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Learn how to jump rope, climb the peg board, improve lifting form, or learn new barbell exercises. You name it, we will train it!

Online Training

In this program, you get access to three (3) programmed workouts each week. This is meant to serve as plan of attack to get you started and get some positive momentum. This also includes the ability to link to MyFitnessPal for tracking your meals and built-in features to track progress through weight, pictures, and personal bests. Click here to sign up for online training!