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2019 Pump N Run

Register now using this link.When: October 12th, 20919 @ 11amWhere: 3306 Plaza Dr, New Albany, IN The 2019 Pump n’ Run is brought  to you by 413 Fitness as a fundraiser to support Redeem The Dream. A unique combination of weight lifting and running; offered to people of all fitness levels. Participants will bench press … Continue reading “2019 Pump N Run”

Personal Training Isn’t For Everyone

If you can always walk into a box gym and have a perfect workout routine programmed for yourself, personal training isn’t for you.  If you know how every machine works and have never stared helplessly at the “how to” picture unsure of what it does, personal training isn’t for you.  If you can push yourself … Continue reading “Personal Training Isn’t For Everyone”

Family and Fitness. It is an AND, not an OR.

Family and Fitness. They are not two opposing forces, fighting for your time and attention. They are two non-negotiables. You are a mom, dad, husband, wife, grandma, grandma….whatever God has called you to be in this season of life AND you are called to be well, healthy, fit.   It can be difficult to find the … Continue reading “Family and Fitness. It is an AND, not an OR.”

Vacation and Moderation

I went on vacation and I didn’t track my calories. Not even once. I know there are some professional health gurus out there that will strongly disagree with my calories shmalories vacation mentality. I am not writing this as a fool proof “how to stay on track with your diet while on vacation” blog. I’m … Continue reading “Vacation and Moderation”

The Quickest and Easiest Way to Lose Weight!

Okay, now that I have your attention with that title…let’s talk about sustainability. That’s about the least sexy word you can use in the fitness industry right now (hence why I didn’t title this “Sustainability.”) Especially with every magazine in the supermarket headlined with “drop fat fast!” and multi level marketing companies claiming “3 day … Continue reading “The Quickest and Easiest Way to Lose Weight!”

20 Things About Your Trainer

The biggest factor in my success has been my increasingly growing faith, but I am still shy to talk openly with most people about it so I don’t come off as a Bible Thumper. My favorite nickname is from my little sister when she calls me Bubby. I nicknamed my girlfriend Scooby. My favorite super … Continue reading “20 Things About Your Trainer”

5 Fun Ways to Switch Up Your Workout

Believe it or not, even as a fitness coach, I too find myself getting stuck in a rut at the gym. Burnt out on doing the same exercises over and over again, and not having as much fun. I will always workout to tell myself I’m doing something; but when I am training with a … Continue reading “5 Fun Ways to Switch Up Your Workout”

10 Ways to Change Your Life From the Inside Out

The last year has been quite the journey for me, and I attribute all of my successes to changes I have made in my spiritual and physical habits. I’ve been blessed in many ways other than what you may see on Facebook or hear about when you talk with me. In what follows, I outline … Continue reading “10 Ways to Change Your Life From the Inside Out”