2018 Pump and Run

2018 Pump and Run

The 2018 Pump ‘n Run is brought  to you by 413 Fitness as a fundraiser to support Redeem The Dream.

A unique combination of weight lifting and running; offered to people of all fitness levels. Participants will bench press a percentage of their body weight, based upon an age and gender handicap, and earn a ten (10) second time reduction for each repetition.  The maximum time reduction will be 3 minutes (a total of 24 reps).

First you pump, and then we run one (1) mile for time (estimated at 6 laps around our facility and parking area).

Awards will be given to the overall male and female winners based on lowest net time. Mile time minus reduction earned in bench press reps.

Official Rules

  1. During the weigh-in, minimum attire must be Shorts, T-Shirt, and Socks.
  2. Weight for bench press is determined by age/gender handicap by percentage of participant’s body weight. See chart below.
  3. Repetition begins at the top with full elbow extension. The bar is lowered down to touch the chest, and back to full extension to “lock out.”
  4. Back and Rear must remain in contact with the bench, and feet are to set flat on the ground while working.
  5. Hands are to remain inside the outer ring on Olympic Bars as the widest grip with pinky finger on top of the ring.
  6. NO BOUNCING BAR OFF CHEST. Repetition will not count if the bar bounces off chest.

Motion must be continuous with no resting at the top. Noticeable resting pause will nullify previous to judge’s discretion.

Registration Form and Liability Waiver must be filled out prior to pumping! Register by filling out the form below.

Pay by making a minimum donation of $25 per participant. Thank you for your support in helping Kentuckiana’s youth redeem their dreams by realizing their own potential. Click here to donate.

When: October 27th @ 10am

Where: 3306 Plaza Dr, New Albany, IN

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